Cura Dining & Events - Preston Court Weddings & Events
Unique English country barn and garden weddings and events at this rural manor house. Kentish wooden barns and old fashioned farmyards, gardens and lakes, plus unique Victorian carousels, steam engine and fairground museum.
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Cura Dining & Events


At the heart of what offers is an entirely personalised service, curated with you and for you. We start with your vision and work from there, styling, presenting and serving in an innovative, modern way. We’re all about big, bold and creative dishes; simple, fresh cooking that looks stunning and tastes incredible.

Working with prestigious clients, global brands and large-scale events in London over the last few years has given us a unique insight into the very highest standards and food trends. We believe that this is evident in what we do from conception all the way through to delivery.

We’re delighted to be working with Preston Court and very much look forward to hearing from you soon.