Garden & Farm

About This Project

The Garden

The extensive garden around Preston Court extends into meadows, bluebell woods and farmland which are part of the estate, and available for guests to enjoy.


The garden is landscaped around the house and the two lakes, and includes some formal areas, exentsive and pretty borders, as well as some wilder areas.


One of the wilder areas is a water garden which guests may pass on their way to the barn yard.  Criss-crossed by little streams, this area contains lots of interesting plants including some amazing “Gunnera”, with their enormous broad leaves. Bordering the garden are Bluebell woods.


The Farm

Preston Court has a traditional mixed farm with a variety of animals including horses, sheep and cattle, plus many birds. A pretty river borders our farm, much of which is wetland nature reserve.


The farmyard is a conservation area with a number of historic buildings including a handsome 3 kiln Kentish Oast House and a wooden granary sitting high up on saddle stones. Many of these buildings house impressive steam machinery including a beautiful Victorian beam engine from a local waterworks.