Mike & Ollie – ‘Sustainable, Ecologically Friendly and Local’

Accredited Caterers
About This Project

Mike has been catering for weddings for over ten years and has worked from the north of Scotland to France.

We believe in eating together, one large feast for the table to share. Our dining style encourages sharing and imparts an air of togetherness, uniting your friends and family for a truly important meal. Feasting centres on a well sourced piece of meat, fish or vegetable with numerous side dishes from which guests help themselves. Whole spiced, marinated lamb shoulders, sticky, sweet and golden leave the oven for the table, fork tender for guests to pull delicious soft chunks from whilst sweet pomegranate jewels cut through its richness. Platters of immaculately fresh Cornish fish ceviche may be your option to begin the meal, garnished with Cretan olive oil and handfuls of fresh herbs. To finish maybe elderflower meringues with roasted gooseberries and cream. Our food is freshly-made and free from preservatives and colouring. We take pride in the careful selection of our suppliers and ingredients. Wherever possible, we use organic and source our goods locally within Britain and Europe. Many of our dishes have a distinctly cosmopolitan flavour as we’re busy peppering our menus with favourite foods from around the world, from France to India, Italy to Lebanon. We are not confined to one cuisine / flavour spectrum, if there are specific dishes and ingredients you would like incorporating into your menu, let us know as it is your event afterall!