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The gardens & re-wilding on the farm

Sustainability is at the heart of our thinking

Re-wilding & Regeneration

Sustainability is really important to us all.   Lorna, Anna’s mother who lives at Preston Court and manages the farm is a passionate environmentalist and embarked on a re-wilding and regeneration project 26 years ago.  You will see the results of this in the vast array of butterflies, bees, as well as rare wild birds.

In recent years beavers were spotted in this area of east Kent and we are lucky enough to have a few families living with us.  You can we where they have been as they like to use their large teeth to strip the bark from some of the trees at The Wilderness. 

We all love our environment ethos and last year we decided to start planting a tree to celebrate every event we host.

For 2024 we have a sustainable wedding hire option.   All food, drinks and suppliers will be grown or produced in Kent.

What we do

We make dreams come true.  No really we do. We have a stellar team of talented people who thrive on hosting.