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Preston Court is one of the most stylish venues in the UK.  We are a family owned and run venue too which is pretty rare.


This is no ordinary barn.  Preston Court is a large farm with an enchanting barnyard enclosing the victorian carousel, large terracotta pots with leafy plants and interesting flowers, handmade vintage sun umbrellas, and hundreds of tiny fairy lights to create an atmospheric seating area.


Street food wagons and wood-fired cooking can take place in the barnyard, along with fairground games and dancing.

Inside the main Kentish barn there are two Art Deco mechanical organs which add that extra wow.

A short walk through the yew archway and into the garden, you arrive at Juliana’s Island which sits on the lake in front of Preston Court manor house.


Opposite Preston Court sits Mildred’s a Saxon church with idyllic churchyard.   Around the barnyard is an Oast House, Coach house, stables, a Granary barn and many other interesting historic buildings.  It is totally private and serene.


Inside many of the old farm buildings are housed a large and unique collection of steam engines, fairground rides and musical organs (including the Victorian Carousel), with the large Gothic style Oast House being home to Victorian beam engines and other curiosities.  Dotted around the farmyards and barns you will see all kinds of antique traction engines and steam locomotives.  Part of The Steam Museum collection, these form a unique backdrop to add another dimension to your celebrations.

Picture Perfect Barnyards & Maypole

The new Maypole of hundreds of twinkly lights is a dreamy setting for dining and dancing.  There is a central seating area with stylish vintage seating, surrounded by artistically curated planting to create a mediterranean feel.  The 17th century oak frame barns enclose the barnyard, with the merry- go-round acting as a focal point, as the sun goes down behind it.

Landscaped garden

Flowing around the house, the garden includes a water garden with little spring-fed streams. These feed into the two lakes, around the front lawn and Juliana’s Island. The lakes have recently been dredged of mud for the first time in 150 years, and the garden is constantly being improved.

A secluded church

An ancient Saxon church of St Mildred’s sits with the farm, some distance from the village in a peaceful location. It’s possible to have your marriage ceremony here even if you have no connection with the parish.

Steam engines

The Steam Museum collection makes Preston Court even more unique and is perfect to add another twist to your celebrations. The various traction engines and ancient industrial engines are in a variety of conditions: some painted and polished with gleaming brass, others rusty and dilapidated.

Carousel and organs

The Kent Barn is home to 2 impressive Dutch dance hall organs. These fill each end of the barn and make a fabulous vintage backgroup, one being in romantic Victorian style, the other stylish Art Deco. Outside sits the 3-abreast Victorian Carousel.

Preston Court was once home to a well loved local figure and the richest woman in England, Juliana de Leybourne. Read more about this below.

Around Preston Court you’ll see many animals and birds – from peacocks, guinea fowl and swans, to horses, sheep and cows, while further out there are beautiful bluebell woods and a wetland nature reserve stretching to nearly 600 acres.

Romantic Medieval History.

Preston Court has a very long history and lies on the site of a medieval palace: In the 12th century this was the home of the wealthiest woman in England.

Known as the ‘Infanta of Kent’, Juliana de Leybourne once owned many manors in Kent but Preston Court was her favorite residence and the remains of her medieval palace still lie scattered beneath the grounds. In fact, if you look carefully into the lake near to Juliana’s Island you will see the remains of some flint foundations.


Juliana was a popular and well known both figure locally and nationally, with close connections to 2 Kings of England and The Black Prince. She married 3 times, her last husband being William Clinton, Earl of Huntingdon (a distant ancestor of Bill Clinton).


The site of Preston Court and St Mildred’s Church have very ancient origins, streching back to pre-Roman times, with much archeaology still lying waiting to be discovered. According to legend, in around AD700, in Saxon times, St Mildred allowed her deer to run wild across the countryside and wherever they found drinking water she built a church. One of these churches was St Mildred’s Church, Preston. Those same natural springs still flow and are all around Preston Court gardens, feeding into the lakes.


Through the ages several different houses have existed on the site of Preston Court, with the current handsome Georgian house having been built in 1811.  It was at this time that the grounds and lakes were extensively landscaped.

Together, Juliana’s Island and the gardens, St Mildred’s Church, the large Kent Barn and the Long Barn all create a uniquely varied venue for ceremonies and receptions, conferences and private parties and also photo and film shoots.

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