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Our Story

Our wonder -filled, family run eco-farm

About Preston Court

Preston Court was bought by Anna’s parents Michael & Lorna in 1980.  It had apple orchards and was rather dilapidated.  Since then they have lovingly restored it, always with sustainability in mind.

Find out about the people (and animals) behind your wedding…We are a family run and owned Farm.  Anna started hosting weddings in 2008 when the local farmer Ray hosted his reception in the barnyard in exchange for doing the harvest.  Things evolved from the kitchen table.

We have grown up a bit since then but the principle remains the same: create somewhere that couples can wow their guests but feel at home at the same time.

You will be in safe hands and we want you to trust us. 

Our all-girl wedding team of Dawn, Jessica, AJ, Jess, Nuta and Lizzy are a close group who thrive from running weddings. are a close group who thrive from running weddings. We work late into the evenings and are up with the larks to ensure that each wedding runs perfectly.


Director & 'Dreamer'

My parents bought Preston Court in 1980 and I remember when there were cows living in the barns around the barnyard. 

The smell of the silage and the lovely old farmer called Ted who looked after them.  I used to ride my BMX bike around the farm over ramps built out of old feed bins and whatever I could find.


Business Development & 'Dream Catcher'

Leila will welcome you to our venues, greet you with a hug and a smile, her head full of ideas and passion for all things wedding.    She will be visualising your perfect day, armed with her little black book full of ideas and contacts.

Her little dog Milo is never far from her side as she zooms around in Gordon the golf buggy, her heart full of colour despite the lack of colour in her wardrobe.


Coordination: 'Dream Analyst'

Jess is the fountain of all knowledge and will be there for any questions you may have for the entirety of your planning process. As long as she has her Starbucks Jess is the kindest funniest person you will meet here. 

She keeps a close eye on your planning documents and will send any tips and tricks to make sure they are complete in time for your wedding.



Operations & 'Dream Maker'

Lizzy will liaise with your suppliers and ours to make sure everything is in place before your big day.

She will ensure that the event team and venue are prepped and polished, what she doesn’t have in height she makes up for in personality.   You may not meet Lizzy until the day but she will be the one with “the necklace”.

Preston Court at a glance


We all LOVE love and will do everything in our powers to make sure you have an unforgettable time with us.

Our Team

The Family

The barnyard hosted its first wedding in 2008 when farmer Ray and his wife Rebecca married in St Mildred’s church.  They then wandered down to the barnyard where they had a large marquee, hay bales and plenty of cider.

It was this wedding which really stole Anna’s heart and instilled in her a drive to create something special at Preston Court.


Sarah has an encyclopedic knowledge of plants, she can make anything grow. Sarah has looked after the gardens for ten years and will work in rain or shine.


Daniel looks after the plants and the weeds in the day time.  At night time, once scrubbed up he can often be seen spinning pizzas in Wilfie’s Pizza trailer.


Emily has run weddings, painted carousel horses, driven tractors, hearded sheep, nothing daunts her.


Russ is an absolute legend and has worked at Preston Court for more than 40 years and needless to say he is part of the family.  He is a master craftsman of wood and restored most of the barns and everything in them.


Pet is our Ukrainian strongman and gentle giant.  Pet has worked here for 16 years – always with a cheeky grin.  He can make almost anything from metal.


Phil, is Sarah’s husband and our handyman.  He can build fences, dig for England, plumb in a sink or build up a merry-go-round.