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Juliana's Island

Think Bridgeton meets Vogue.

Juliana's Island

Imagine standing on an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by your closest family and friends, against a backdrop of tumbling roses, birdsong and ‘Bridgerton-esque’ gardens.

Juliana’s Island has charm by the bucket load and is named after Juliana de Leyburne who lived at Preston Court in the 12th century.  If you look hard in the lake you will spot a small flint wall which would have formed part of an original wall of her manor house.   

Before Juliana and around the same time St Mildred came to Preston, a Monastery was build at Preston Court.  It was at this time that the lakes were dug as ‘stew ponds’ for the monks who traditionally ate fresh fish on a Friday.

Don’t be surprised if Steve the Peacock cheers along with your guests as you say your vows, or if the horses (sometimes it’s the sheep) in the surrounding fields start cantering as your reception music starts. This is because you become part of the family when you choose to get married here and that family includes the animals and we all like a party.

What we do

We make dreams come true.  No really we do. We have a stellar team of talented people who thrive on hosting.