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The Lodge Barn gets a sparkly Christmas makeover

I am a big fan of Christmas and the rustic feel to Preston Court means its a great canvas for natural looking festive decoration.

This year I foraged in the garden and picked up holly with red berries, fur tree, variegated ivy, twisted hazel, hydrangeas and pine cones. I found some Hazel poles also from the garden and used these to create the formwork from which everything else could hang. I used a small amount of gold spray to pick out a little bit of shimmer on some of the leaves and then added some warm white fairy lights.

Baxter The Camel

Baxter the two humped camel comes to Preston Court. We did a rare out of wedding season event and hosted my aunty Theresa and her husband Stuart’s wedding reception. Boy was Baxter a beauty. Please check out Joseph’s Amazing Camels and ask to speak to Daisy. Their camels are incredibly well looked after and very calm and friendly.

Joseph and his daughter Daisy also make delicious chocolates made from camel milk. I have tried them and they are really delicious. A really good idea for a Christmas present. The milk is really good for you as its high in anti oxidants which help to prevent damage to your cells, which can lead to certain types of cancers and heart diseases. Chocolate which is healthy AND good for you, who would have thought?

First Dance Under the Maypole

We love our maypole – its just makes the barnyard come alive and brings everyone together.  As the sun sets behind the carousel, your first dance can take place outside beneath all the twinkly lights.  Last Friday we had 90 people under the maypole all dancing and a Blue moon to top it off.  It was a very special moment.


We Love a Tradition

YES! we are featured in ‘Rock My Wedding’ SOPHIE & SONNY’S Theatrical Wedding Day:



2023 seems to be the year of the tradition and we LOVE it.  Not only does it bring families closer together but it encourages creativity and this is so special.

We encourage all of our couples to cut their cake, throw the bouquet but also to welcome the couple into the Barn with applause and a lot of napkin twirling.    We have a special Rumba song we play on the musical organ and it creates an unforgettable ambience for the entrance of the Bride and Groom.

Napkin twirling is a French Tradition and Preston Court has borrowed it.  Its just perfect.  Combined with the sound of the jazzy organs the atmosphere is just electric.

Get the whole FAMILY involved.  Last weekend, the grooms grand mother who is 92 years old made 120 mint fancies which were given to the guests as wedding favours.  The grooms father made their wedding cake, as this was their family tradition.