The Lodge Barn & Bar

About This Project

The Lodge Barn sits next to the big Kent Barn and the granary building.



This inviting space features a large wood burning stove and sofas make it very comfortable. At one end is the licenced bar, stocking largers, beers and ciders from local brewer Shepherd Neame, as well as quality wines, spirits and liqueurs, etc.

Adding the full length terrace, this barn has plenty enough room for a party of up to a hundred people (standing), making it a great space for smaller parties and other events.


For weddings and larger events, this is great building for guests to head to and grab a drink when they arrive. The Long Barn is also very useful as a quieter spot to sit or chat with friends and family whilst music and dancing are in full swing over in the larger Kent Barn. In fact, it’s so comfortable that many guests find it hard to leave.

Please note, we offer table service to the terrace, barn yard and the Kent Barn, so that guests don’t need to move.