Plans & Themes: Some Ideas.

Be different! There are a million and one ways to make your ceremony and celebrations unique and special. Here are just a few examples.

  • Hire this large canoe and we can fill it with local beer, cider & soft drinks

    Its really impressive and was once a real canoe!

  • Our New Maypole Of Dreams - Outdoor Dining

    Our maypole is adorned in hundreds of tiny glowing lights

  • Food is served to your table in this mediterranean garden

    Atmospheric, warm and intimate

  • Ari's Aperitivos

    Our Restored Fiat 500 Car

  • She brings a smile or beaming grin to every guests face

    Classic Fiat 500 Car Bar - serving all manor of delicious Italian aperitifs.

  • Wilfie's Wood- Fired Pizza

    Delicious pizza cooked before you eyes on out authentic stone overn

  • Pepperoni, mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil...yum

    Vegan and gluten free pizza served too.

  • New for 2021: 'Gigglebox'

    Video & Photobooth

  • Ice Cream!

    We can help you find traditional, locally produced ice creams and sweets stalls

  • Coconut Shy

    Roll up, roll up! We'll help you find all kinds of entertainments...

  • The Giant Peacock Instagram Wall

    Enormous letters will make a great decorative focal point to your reception and party.

  • 1950's Vintage Bus

    Hire the stylish Bluebird Bus to get you and your guests to the venue, and then to bed!

  • Fairground Rides & Stalls

    Just one of the unique aspects of Preston Court... Bring all the fun of the fair with vintage rides and stalls, sideshows and decorations.

  • Live Music

    Why not have some musicians - a string quartet, a harpist, a guitarist or even a banjo player liven up your post ceremony drinks in the garden or barn yard.

  • Kissing Booth & High Striker

    Have some good old-fashioned British seaside fun and hire one of these charming kissing booths for you and your guests.

  • Your Own Festival Wedding With Ferris Wheel?

    Really please the children and younger guests at your wedding or event with your very own candyfloss stall.

To add that extra WOW! factor we can recommend some very professional, wedding and event coordinators familiar with the Kent Barn and gardens, and who would only be delighted to talk you through all your hopes and aspirations for your day.

There’s loads more ideas on Pinterest.

Visit the Preston Court Pinterest boards for more ideas.

Wedding car hire

We have extensive contacts and can organise all manner of interesting transport for your wedding, from the vintage Aston Martin or VW Camper van, to a range of other vintage cars and vehicles.

Please do ask, and we will provide details of some unusual possibilities to make your wedding car just that little bit special…

Putting a smile on everyone’s faces why not arrive in an Asian Tuk Tuk van?

For more theme ideas and suppliers why not…