Tayberry Foods

Accredited Caterers
About This Project

Tayberry Foods are focused on providing locally-sourced and high quality, beautifully presented food.


Their kitchens are based at Bekesboure – just 10 minutes drive from Preston Court. We have an excellent relationship with Tayberry, who provide some of the best food served at Preston. The company is operated by Simon Chipperfield, a dedicated chef who has over 15 years experience in wedding and function planning. Simon’s team is made up from people with a wealth of experience catering and serving at events.


Tayberry’s signature dishes include amazing local roast beef, Kentish rack of salt march lamb, and ‘Hoast the Roast’ dining (photo above).  Delicious home made canapés, spitting/hog roast, BBQ’s, slow cooked pulled pork in brioche buns, very creative food with some excellent vegetarian options. All with fab presentation and attention to detail, and reasonably priced.


2015 MENUS:

Juliette_Preston Court_Sample_3-Course_menu